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2017 UK RC Drift Champion "JB" Jacob Burns at the TDC (Thailand Drift Championship)

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TDC 2017 Rundown.......

So we are home and after a few days of getting back into the normal routine it's time to give the rundown on how we felt the 2017 TDC went for us. One word "Amazing". From setting off and saying goodbye we knew this was going to be a "Road Trip" to remember forever.

Before I start with the rundown I just want to say THANK YOU for the overwhelming support been shown to us. To each and everyone of you that liked, commented and sent personal messages, THANK YOU. It meant a great deal to us to receive this support and made the trip more memorable than you can imagine.

I can't emphasize how much fun we have had over the 5 days. The whole event was unbelievable from the opening ceremony to the final meal with the DS Racing Team, Bagi San, the Yokomo guys and some of our fellow drivers. Thank you TDC!!!!

The 22,000 mile round trip was all for 1 qualifying lap and 2 judged runs, Oh and all the fun times and meeting new friends. So how did JB do? From my previous daily updates I mentioned how slippy the surface is compared to the carpet surface Jacob normally drives on. We knew the car would need a bit of work to get it right and the 3rd member of our team back in the UK was on call 24/7 to make sure we got it right for JB. We could not have done it without the help of Gary Evans. Gary was there with us all the way and to say there is a 7 hour time difference, it didn't matter what time of the day we needed his help and advice, he was there!

On Friday, Jacob along with the other international drivers, were asked if they wanted to participate in the local comp that was being run. After a full morning of tuning on the car and JB getting accustomed to the new surface, Jacob said "lets do it". We knew the pace of the car was still not on it but this was going to be a great demo comp to help us understand where we needed to be in a competition environment. Within this comp only the Top 8 get to make it through to the battles the following day. JB managed to get a very respectful 59 point run which put him in 19th place out of the 39 drivers competing. Jacob was a little disappointed with his run but it gave him great practice time and for us to understand what was needed for the BIG day. We are all proud of our kids but what makes my heart burn with pride is the way he listens to and watches the other drivers. Absorbing all their advice and taking from it what he feels will work for him.

TDC WORLDS, Qualifying. This is it, all down to JB now, the car was almost on pace but we didn't need speed for his single qualifying run he just needed to make the car dance around the track and hit the clip points with perfect angle!! JB's first run he managed to get a 45.2 score. On his second run he hit all the clips within distance to score points but out of the 7 clips he hit 4 with perfect angle which doubled his points for these clips!!!! This gave him a 60.9 score....... Get in!!

TDC WORLDS, Battles.  Every day we have been at the track from 9am to 10pm and today was no exception. Jacob's battle was not due to be until around 4.30pm but like a true champ he wanted to be there all day to see who was doing what and to see if we could just get that little more pace out of his car. After another 2 hour video conf with Gary we managed to dial a little more grip into his car without sacrificing the balance of the car. It was truly down to JB now, Gary & I had done all we can. Throttle control was the lesson of the day, Jacob wanted to further learn how he could be more sensitive on the throttle.  The day before Manny had shown JB how he was practicing with his throttle.  On the practice track Jacob did lap after lap after lap to try and master the throttle like Manny was showing him. His little face lit up when he said to me "I've got it, look Dad". I looked at his trigger finger and I could not see it moving but his car was fast-slow-fast!! 

Now it was show time..... His battle was against Arif who is a Team Yokomo driver from Malaysia and just finished 2nd in the WORLD CS Comp. No pressure JB!! JB to chase first and he was on it.... Very close proximity to the lead car and keeping his line give him the advantage with a 8.1 score (one of the highest scores of the day). Now the lead run, JB started clean hitting clips BUT with a straighten of the wheels just after the long straight it cost him the win . If Arif was to score 0.1 less it would have gone to "One More Time" re-run!!  Fair play to the judges for spotting it, it was the slightest of wheel corrections by Jacob but at this level nothing is missed.

His final finishing position in the World comp was 14th!!!!! Amazing, absolutely amazing. Looking back at the beginning of the 3 days of competition, he has developed so much and adapted like a true champ and I genuinely admire him for that. It was so nice that fellow competitors respected JB for his driving ability and not that he was a little kid taking part. Well done little man we are all very proud of you xx

After the presentations and a few games of "Rock, Scissor, Paper", It was time to party, Thailand style. Much love to Mr & Mrs Wee for their hospitality. Even JB tried a little of the Thai food so it must have been good!

Thank you to everyone at the TDC for making our week so special. To MR & MRS Wee for creating an amazing event and giving us the opportunity to come to Thailand. To all the guys that have supported us, to Manny for the great time and been there for us all week, Gary Evans for the late nights and very early mornings. Most importantly to Lisa for holding the fort back home. Obviously she wanted to be there to support Jacob track side but she was thrown in at the "deep end" to look after the shop whilst worrying how JB was getting on. Lisa and my Dad did a fantastic job in keeping the shop going in my absence and I love them dearly. Well done you two xxx

Thank you all JB & Lee 
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