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1/10th Indoor RC Rally Cross Racing


Starting from Friday 28th September 2018 we will be starting up a NEW RC racing club.  We will be meeting every other Friday and looking to start the racing around 7pm.  The community centre we use allows us to get in from 6pm. If you can get there early to help set up the track then please do :)

The concept of our RC Club is to keep the RC Racing costs to a minimum and RC Model Shop Direct have put together some superb Tamiya TT-02 Racing deals to get you started if you have not raced before. 

Click this link to see these great deals!

There will be four qualifying rounds each lasting five minutes.  Using the computerized timing system each round will be calculated to give you an overall finishing position for the final. This will be your grid position!

So that's FIVE races for a FIVER!!

Classes Raced

  • 1/10th 190mm Rally Car with Standard Silver Motor
  • 1/10th 190mm Rally Car with 13.5t Brushless Motor
Come along and see what it's all about and see what fun RC racing is.

All our race results will be shared on our new web site RC Championship but you need to register on the site to see them.

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