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Team Driver JB Smashes It!!!!!!!

Top Qualifier and then goes on to win Round 1 of the Midlands Drift Championship 2018.

26 Drivers from all over the UK descended on the Midlands for R1 of the MDC. What a fantastic day! The track was a tricky one and a little narrow compared to the normal tracks JB runs on. After talking to one of the judges, this was designed to make the battles close and keep the pace a little slower, and it did!

After 30 mins of practice JB had the line and understood what was needed. After receiving an encouraging voice message from fellow Team Yokoko driver Kent Ong, JB was fired up to be the first to take the stage and run his qualifying run.
1st run was just a practice then the next two runs were scored with JB’s best scored run counting. BOOM!!!! He takes TQ (Top Qualifier) along with Dan Chapman. Both guys hitting 90 point runs! This gave the guys a by to the Top 8.

Top 8 and JB’s first battle is with John Ronald Futrill ‘BullHead’. Great run from both guys with JB taking the win. Next up was Ash Williams and for a place in the final it was time to step up a gear. Another two superb runs and with the judges not being able to call it ‘OMT’ (one more time) was called. Ash needed to change his battery so the 5 minute rule was allowed. Here we go again…. Ash to lead and JB to chase. Good start by both but on the second corner Ash spins. All JB now had to do is keep his cool and run a good line on their second run! The final here we come!

So, the final, JB vs Rory Edwards – Yokomo YD2 vs Yokomo YD2. Over the last few years JB and Rory have driven together on many occasions. Rory has always been there to help us with advice and support, so this was going to be a ‘Bitter / Sweet battle’. Both guys showing some excellent driving skills with close proximity and good pace on both runs.

WINNER JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on son. We are so proud of you.

The Midlands Drift Championship team has done the UK RC Drift community proud. Today was epic and it takes a good team to produce that! I always say it because it’s true, judging is not easy and when you have 26 guys depending on you to make the right call. The judges feel it and have to justify every call they make, AND DO! Well done Tim, Matt, and Andy.@Dale did a sterling job of keeping the comp on track all day and I know the rest of the Midlands Drift Society team made it happen today so thank you guys for doing this, much appreciated. Andy kingstar did the biz with the drivers brief. It’s not easy standing up in front of 30+ people and explain what is expected of them. Job well done mate!!

AND of course, a thank you to JB’s sponsors Team Yokomo Drift, DS Racingand RC Model Shop Direct Ltd. Thank you Aso Minoru for the opportunity to be part of Team Yokomo and the support you offer Jacob. A specially thank you to Yokomo Team mate, Works driver Kent Ong for being there with us all the way. Jacob, Lisa & I feel blessed to have all your support. Thank you.

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