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HPI Baja 5R 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302
In Stock
Part No:#115123
RRP: £1,314.99
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RC Petrol Cars

Petrol RC Cars: What Makes Them Different

A store created by a model enthusiast for model enthusiasts, RC Model Shop Direct is a one-stop shop for all your RC requirements in the UK- With a variety of products to choose from, you are sure to find the right fit for your radio control needs- You can choose between electric, nitromethane, and petrol radio controlled cars when shopping with us- Like nitro cars, petrol RC cars have different characteristics pertaining to speed and durability-

Radio controlled petrol cars are usually bigger in size, which is why they need more space to run- These RC petrol cars reach moderate speeds and have a longer lifespan than others- The vehicles are comparatively more expensive than other cars that use alternate power sources-

When you buy petrol radio controlled cars, you are given the choice of buying an RTR car or a kit- With a ready-to-run model, you would be able to take the car from the store to the field or track and start running whilst with a model kit, you will need to assemble it first- Building the car would mean you would get a better understanding of its various components and how they contribute to the running of the machine- With car kits, you might need to buy added accessories before it can run- You will need to make sure that the batteries, radio system, and engines are in sync before starting her up, which we can assist with either on the phone or if you call in to see us-

With brands like Anderson, Associated, Carisma, FTX, Ho Bao, Hot Bodies, HPI, Maverick, and Schumacher in the store, you are sure to find a good model to race or have fun with- At RC Model Shop Direct, we offer a well-built, temporary outdoor race track that is ideal for buggies, truggies, and on/off road cars- If you are in the vicinity and craving an RC car fix, you can make your way to- Our RC Venue-

Lee and Gary, bring to the table years of experience in the RC racing world- If you need advice on which radio controlled petrol cars would be the best for you, then you can visit the store or give us a call-

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