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#RCMSD Tune-Up & Accident Repair Centre

If you have an issue with the set-up of your model or something doesn’t work and you’re not too sure how to fix it, why not let our knowledgeable RC mechanics look at it for you. With over 50 years of knowledge, at RC Model Shop Direct there is not many problems we haven’t already come across. 

Within our RC workshop we can repair most models if you are struggling to fix a problem or not too sure how something should work or go together.  In some instances we can offer advice via email or over the phone so please do not hesitate to contact us with any issues you have.  You can even post your questions on the RC-MSD forum where other RC enthusiasts may have encountered the same issue.

Within our fully equipped RC workshop you can have your model fully serviced by one of our RC mechanics and please don’t forget if you have purchased an HPI model within the last 2 years we will give it a free HPI “Heath Check” regardless of where you purchased the model.

We also offer the option (please ask for price) for us to fully build your new model once you have purchased it from us.  We do really encourage you to build the model yourself because we believe this is the best way for you to get to know your new model inside and out and fully understand how all the components work together.  By building your model if anything was to not function correctly you will have a better understanding where to look to resolve the issue.

You can also contact the Garage direct by clicking on the email link below:

No job too "BIG" or "small".  Check out this before and after picture of one of the many repairs we have completed!

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