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Yokomo Steering Gyro V3 With End Point Adjustment

#RPG-302-V3 Product Description


RC drift world championship D1-10 RWD class, the racing performer RP brand's highest grade drift steering gyro which was mounted on the YD-2 which monopolized the podium, and the latest gyro equipped with additional "Endpoint Adjustment" function added " RPG-302 V3 "is newly released! Although it is a high response, it is possible to adjust the maximum turning angle according to the situation, while keeping realistic steering operation that is not too sensitive.

It is a full aluminum case with a high heat dissipation capability, and it has become a special specification which added a red alumite accents to the bevel edge. 
In the steering gyroscope which does not have the maximum cutting angle adjustment function so far, the servo has operated even further beyond the steering lock of the machine, imposing an excessive burden around the servo and the steering wheel, and when the overload state lasts for a long time, the servo can in some cases be damaged.
However, if you use the newest gyro "RPG-302 V3", not only for RWD cars but also for AWD cars with low mechanical steering angle, by endpoint adjustment function these troubles are resolved.

The new gyro is the Racing Performer (RP) brand family, named as RPG-302-V3.
Conventional RPG-302 was well known as its best balance in high response as well as mild steering performance to achieve a realistic drifting angle.
And now, new model RPG-302 V3 has a new feature, "Adjustable Steering End Point".
The drivers are now possible to adjust the steering limit for right and left. In accordance with the surface environment and track layout. Appearance of aluminum case has also updated, now chamfered edges are anodized with red color to show special its at the track.

The new gyro RPG-302 V3 will be the best choice for all type of RWD car, but also suitable for AWD (4WD) car which which more less steering angle due to the mechanical restriction. By setting up the steering end point, even the AWD car can perform the realistic drift in safety operation.

This gyro RPG-302 V3 is dedicated to 3 channel radios (it can not be used with 2 channel). 

Also, please be careful that the 3rd channel of the transmitter is trim type (push button type is not available) as absolute condition. 
  • The setting of the end point (maximum turning angle) is easy operation just by pressing the switch of the gyro body with the steering cut off to the left and right respectively. 
  • Gain adjustment to change the sensitivity of the gyro will be operated on the transmitter by moving the trim (lever) of the 3rd channel.

This RPG-302 V3 is only to be used with 3ch Radios.

The 3rd channel must be a trim and not a push button style.
  • Easy on setting up End point, push the set-up button while in max angle for both side.
  • Gain control is possible from the transmitter, easy to operate right and left independently. 

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